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ProStaff Team

In the constant search of obtaining the absolute best performances out of our fly rods, FishBone is proud to present you our FishBone ProStaff Team !

This important step enables us to

-    develop, test & improve our new fly rods prototypes
-    obtain a maximum of information on our fly rods performances in all parts of the world and on various fishing conditions & techniques

And for you too, the benefits are evident:

-    the insurance that our fly rods are tested and approved by pros
-    the possibility in getting objective information and testing our fly rods models with a seasoned fly fishing guide.

Our FishBone ProStaff  Team is composed of the following fly fishing guides and casting instructors professionals:

Yves Faillenet: professional fly fishing guide
Yves Faillenet has been guiding since over 30 years in the beautiful Jura region on the rivers like the famous Le Doubs, l'Ain, La Loue, etc. where beautiful trouts and graylings about but are difficult to catch!


Champagne sur Loue, France


Tél: 0033 (0)

Yannick Riviere: professional fly fishing guide

Yannick Riviere has been guiding for over 20 years in France. Long-time competitor in D1 level, Yannick has been selected 6 times in the french national team to participate in the world championship and has won the titel of vice european champion in 2007.

Gruissans, France

Pascal Martin: professional fly fishing guide

Besides professionally guiding for many years in the Haut-Languedoc region as well as the Aube, Aveyron & Ariège, Pascal has an excellent track record in competiting at the highest level in D1 and D2 in France. 

Lieu-Dit Carauce, 81100 Burlats, France

Tel: 06 48 37 18 86

Serge Rollo: professional fly fishing guide
Over 40 years of fly fishing experience and guiding n the various French rivers like the Tarn, Jonte, Dourbie, etc. as well as all the mythical rivers from the North Western US and Island.

Hures, 48150 – MEYRUEIS, France
Mobile : 06 65 13 87 58
Email :

Jean François Hundsbuckler : professional fly fishing guide
Salmonids fishing specialist and with over 20 years of fly fishing experience, Jean François is a reference in Alsace on the Thur river as well as on the Ybbs in Austria and the Glomma in Norway.

 Website :
 Parc de Wesserling, 9 Rue des Fabriques
68470 - Fellering, France
 Mobile : 06 12 08 07 61
 Email :

Serge Rameau : fly fishing guide
With over 40 years of fly fishing practice and 30 years dedicated to migratory fish (salmon, seatrout, steelhead, etc.) ; Serge is a true specialist of two-handed fly rods on the rivers of France, Norway, Argentina, British Columbia, etc.

   Le Frey, 61250 - St Nicolas des bois, France
 Mobile: 06 07 03 94 93
 Email :

Ado -Admir Jeginovic: fly fishing guide

Ado is one of the best fly fisherman and fly tyer I´ve ever met. He spends all his time on the water, fishing and observing his rivers´ aquatic life. Ado guides on the famous bosnian river such as Ribnick, Pliva, Sanica, etc.

  Admir-Ado Jeginovic

kljuc, Bosnie


Michael Rebholz : EFFA casting instructor
Certified by the prestigious EFFA (European Fly Fishing Association), Michael is an outstanding fly caster and gives casting clinics and fly fishing courses all over Europe.


 Michael Rebholz
 Inver Estate Ros
 Muc co. Galway

 Republic of Ireland

 Email :

Guillome Ducros: fly fishing guide
Guillaume is a certified fly fishing guide operating in the wonderful french regions of the Lozere, Ardèche and Haute Loire and has joined our team 2 years ago.

       Guillaume Ducros
     Langogne, France

     Tel.: +33 6 81 59 03 31

Grégory Foriez: FishBone Team
Gregg has participated in numerous lake & river competitions for the FishBone Team. Excellent fly fisherman, mastering all the various fly fishing techniques and a great casting stroke, Gregg is a great addition to our ProStaff Team!

  Grégory Foriez


Julien Emery: certified fly fishing guide
Trout fishing specialist in the famous rivers like Doubs, Dessoubre, Loue, Bienne, etc. since over 10 years, Julien has joined this year our team.

Julien Emery                                    

Tel. +33 6 82 41 39 77

Alban Risse: certified fly fishing guide
Alban is specialized in tracking large nothern pike & bass on the fly in the Dordogne area in southern France and has joined us this season to further develop our new Predator Cast fly rod.
  Alban Risse
Saint-Michel-de-Bannières, France

Tel. +32 6 07 68 11 34 


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